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Video Services

Moriarty Reporting & Video is your winning legal edge when it comes to video depositions. Our Certified Court Reporters in Missouri and Illinois know how to work with our Certified Legal Videographers to create excellent video depositions. We work seamlessly with well-trained videographers to take depositions while a video camera is recording.

We have a team of videographers who understand that your video presentation in court is of the utmost importance. Video-synchronized transcripts have become a highly effective tool for trial presentation purposes. At Moriarty Reporting & Video, we pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of our videographers and we ensure excellent quality playback of your video in court. We can provide truly customized video formats specific to your exact needs, from MPEG-1 format to High Definition DVD format.

Our video services include:

  • Video Depositions
  • Editing Services
  • Video-to-Text Synchronization
  • Courtroom Playback
  • Site Inspections
  • Destructive and Demonstrative Testing
  • Video Presentation with Video/Text Synchronization
  • Duplication
  • Video Archive
  • Video Conferencing

Moriarty Reporting & Video's commitment to excellence in its court reporting services, video services, and legal photography services are unsurpassed by any other agency in St. Louis, Missouri and Southern Illinois.